Germany exports massive amounts of arms, hypocrisy


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Of Spycraft and Statecraft

Memo to Obama, Merkel, and the rest: This world of power, politics and terror is not run by 'gentlemen.'


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U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday


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Ukraine Crisis Has Pushed Germany to Center Stage


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Good-Bye to Germany?s Angela I, Empress of Europe


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China's Coming Economic Slowdown

History shows that every economic miracle eventually loses its magic. How much longer can China sustain such astounding growth?


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Merkels Handy ist nicht das Problem

Im Namen der Sicherheit sammeln die NSA und andere Dienste alle Daten, die sie bekommen können. Nur die Parlamente können ihre Maßlosigkeit bremsen. Es ist höchste Zeit.


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The High Cost of a Quick Syria Campaign

A bomb-and-run attack against Assad would salve the West's guilty conscience but leave the country still engulfed in civil war.


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Si la France s'effondre, l'Europe aussi

Josef Joffe, spécialiste allemand des relations internationales, pointe les faiblesses de l'Hexagone.


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The Turn Away from Europe

Rebalancing U.S. forces is inevitable ? and a threat to world stability


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Who Is This Guy?

President Obama, one year on


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The God Gap

Why Europeans Lose Faith and Americans Keep Praying


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The global election

As others see us


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Security Über Alles


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IRAQ What if we win?

Stay to Win


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Power Failure

Why Force Doesn't Buy Order


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Dissecting Anti-isms


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Three unwritten Rules of the Serbian war

A little self-interest never hurts a military effort


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A Peacenik goed to War

As Germany`s Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer vociferously defends the very policie he once denouncend, infuriating the fundamentalits in his own Green Party


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Doind Well by Doing Good


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Now it`s sink or swim with Schröder


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Second chance in Berlin

What makes a city great? According to Josef Joffe, the leading German commentator, it needs hungry outsiders struggling to become insiders. This explains why Berlin will never again a great city, even when it becomes the capital...


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The problem of punishing Saddam

Answers from Europe are all over the map

1998_02_15_the washington_post.pdf

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The Euro: The Engine That Couldn`t

1997_12_04_the_new_york_review_of books.pdf

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Gasping For Europe

If Europe cannot agree on the small issues of defence and foreign policy, how can it do so on the big ones, such as the use of miltary force?


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