A Crisis? Maybe But Look Again

Economy Works Despite Problems


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Coffe and the Rise and Fall of Empire: An Incrontovertibly Perky Theory

Bad Coffe equals expansionism, imperialism and war; good coffe drips with civility, pcifism and lassitude.


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History in a Hazelnut Shell

Sipping a latte, awaiting the end of the U.S. empire


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Life Begins at 50

Euroe still needs its dear old NATO- for lots or reasons

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America the Inescapable

After years of playing the whipping boy, the U.S. can do little wrong. The Ugly American still exists but now he's what the rest of the World wants to be


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For Germany, Priceless Gift of Pardon


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For Germany, Priceless Gift of Pardon

The Marshall Plan


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Was wir von Amerika lernen können

Die Amerikaner forcieren den Wandel, die Europäer versuchen ihn zu verhindern


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Faith Dealers Hijacking the Holocaust

Scientology's defenders got it wrong. So did the Bavarian goverment


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The First Postmoden President

Bill Clinton uses both sides of the road, and that's why he'll win a second term


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Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Major?

Beef is not a war.


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Der Prozeß der deutschen Vereinigung begann mit einer Fehl-Kalkulation des sowjetischen Präsidenten

Die deutsche Wiedervereinigung ist vor allem dem diplomatischen Geschick eines Mannes zu verdanken: des US-Präsidenten Georg Bush. ...


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A triple peace ushers in the New Year


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On bended knee to Frankfurt

Entry into the hallowed hall of EMU requires atoning for all our sins.


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German Court's Decision Unleashes a Holy Uproar


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German Court`s Decision Unleashes a Holy Uproar


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Grounds for good cheer

Britain celebrates VE Day in an uncertain mood. But German writer Josef Joffe urges us to fight more vigorously in the peaceful struggle fot Europe`s future

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The U.S. is still No. 1

But profligacy may do it in

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Protection Isn`t a Workable Remedy for Europe`s Audiovisual Deficit


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Uber alles (sotto voce)

The market's fight to the D-mark is no cause for German joy.


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Back to basics for the alliance


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With its Western Alliance at Stake, Germany Becomes Responsible


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With Its Western Aliance at Stake, Germany Becomes Responsible


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Bosnia: From farce to tragedy?

The French worry about the security of their peacekeepers


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Germany: More of the Old Kohl, Only Even Stodgier


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